Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stay Fab When it's Frosty

No reason coats and such can't be fab-tastic. No reason at all. Cruise ModCloth for about 5 whole secs, and you know it's true.

Our pics for staying warm and looking hot.....
Loving this Twins of the Mississippi coat, which would pair perfectly with......

This Classic Satchel from Emil Erwin - winner of a Garden + Gun Made in the South Award.....

And top it off with a little felt beauty from another Made in the South award winner, Magar Hatworks.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday!

Use code CM2010 for 20% off Cyber Monday until Midnight tonight at fontainemaury.com!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cute Boots, Rain or Shine

Who says you have to slog through snow drifts a foot high to need some functional footwear?

These L.L. Bean classics are straight from Maine, but would be right at home in a South GA duck pond .... or around the horse barn.....or the back yard. Plenty of tread for rainy days, and style to spare for when you just wanna look good, but humble.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Natty Tartan

Ahh... to enjoy a weekend holiday, trout fishing + pheasant hunting in Scotland.... Hunting + fishing {of a refined variety} are close to our little South Georgia hearts. In fact, this weekend is Thomasville's Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival. In honour of our love for the outdoors, the arts + bitty little Scotland, here's your tartan fix.

Really you could wear this every other day with a smart pair of soft leather loafers + your vintage Aquascutum cardigan. I mean MY vintage Aquascutum cardigan. Or dress it up with some fancy flats + uber-flashy jewels, and you've got yourself a nite on the town. From Land's End Canvas.
{Writing this blog is dangerous - before I made it out of the Land's End Canvas site I had already placed an order!}

And for the mister.....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashion for Your Home

I have a friend who's in love with Dransfield + Ross - their seersucker cocktail napkins to be precise! Of course, as southerners, we're a bit predisposed to loving seersucker, but these really are darling. 

Dransfield and Ross is the collaboration of John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross - one a fashion designer, and the other a textile designer. They combine to produce the most exquisite textiles, accessories + furniture!

Gotta find some Dransfield and Ross?? Try the store locator here!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November is Fashion Month!

'Member how we posted about a designer we love love LOVE - Elizabeth McKay?
*Meep* - she loves us back!! She's added us to her favorite list on her blog!

And since November is fashion month - here are our picks from Elizabeth McKay's latest styles:

So classic, so stylish. The tailored shirt dress was in style when my grandmothers were my age, and they're stylish now - sure to be around in another 50 years.

And I can just see Haile in this top - you know how much she loves her other E. McKay shirt....and she has a tunic with a similar elephant print that one of her boys just loves....

Look for more swoon worthy duds all this month!
{What's your favorite E. McKay piece??}


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Retailer Spotlight - Plain Jane Designs!

I'm in Athens this week and any time I'm out of darling T-ville, I like to stop by and see our dear retailers! I had a chance to pop in at Plain Jane Designs on Milledge Ave. and see their cutey-cute store. It's in a great little section of the wonderful college town of Athens, called 5 points. They've turned a pretty house into their shop + filled it with goodies from bottom to top! The service is superb and they're as sweet as can be.

Lots of monogrammed gifts, lots of tailgate items {Goooo Dawgs!}, wedding invitations, birth announcements, gifts + more. They've even got a designer on hand to help with special order invitations.

They carry the full Fontaine Maury line, so if you're in Athens, stop in and say hi, and get yourself a little monogrammed FM goodie!

{Find them on Facebook here, and find a retailer near you here!}

This is their house-turned-shop!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Art You Can Participate In

Like you need one more thing to do - but these sound like fun!

The Art House Co-op is a bunch of busy-busy bees, and they've got a few projects.

For starters, the Sketchbook Project caught my eye. They describe it as 'a concert tour but with sketchbooks.' For $25 they'll send you a sketchbook - you fill it up, send it in, and then watch its journey around the country in the sketchbook exhibit!

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

Then there's A Million Little Pictures. Kinda the same idea, but they'll send you a disposable camera, and you pick a theme. Now, not everyone can draw, {really they probably can...}, but everyone can use a disposable camera.

And if you're not into making art, you can at least be a part of it with the Pockets Project. Oh yes. That's right. Empty. Send in. Gets made into art. So simple, so fun!

Really, any of these would be super-fun for school kids. Let us know if you participate!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Vote for FUN!

Ahhh.... the day after an election. Some are happy, some are sad. Whaddya say we do a little FUN voting??
Yup - let's vote for FUN.

Check out these sites - all about design, all about voting, a new post every day. Created by Michael Cannell, formerly of Dwell Magazine, Architecture Magazine, and the House + Home section of the New York Times.

The Design Vote is just that - a different item everyday - lamps, chairs, a weird wicker version of a genie bottle...

The House Vote is pretty great - some strange stuff, but maybe it's the future?

Now, The Kitchen Vote - that could get addictive - it's like cruising the kitchen section of the Ikea website.... endlessly.

Then there's The Room Vote - crazy, mod, traditional, you name it!

And finally, The Gadget Vote - an easel for your flat-screen,  vacuums made from recycled ocean trash, it's all here.