Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

What a year!

We saw you at the Stationery Show, we sold trays like crazy, we blogged about everything from cocktails to creative gifts, and boy have we had fun!

So what's up for 2011??
Ahh, my dearies.... most of it's Super Top Secret.
But be on the lookout for new products {Haile's always in the lab!} + some great freebies coming your way!

For now, have a Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

FM Gift Guide: Fusspot Friend

For the: Fusspot Friend

Maybe this is your bestie. Maybe it's you. Either way, she only wants the best. Is that so wrong?
{Leave it to the Southern gals to employ the term 'fusspot."}

The best lip gloss......Dior Lip Glow

The best hairbrush......Mason Pearson Brush

The best ear muffs......J. Crew Ear Muffs

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FM Gift Guide: Sister Super-Chef

For the: Sister Super-Chef

Part Earth-mother, part sartorialist, she rocks it in the kitchen + in the street. Always nattily dressed, even when she's whipping up some Sole Meunière, she loves to try new make her Christmas {and probably yours, too!}.

This Indian Spice Set is sure to speak to her Ethnic wanderings - it even comes with a few recipes to get her started. 

Apparently paninis aren't the only thing you can make with this Panini Press... do you see that? Looks like French Toast to me. Like the biggest, baddest Texas French Toast you ever ate. Yes please. 

THE best cheese this side of the pond. Maybe on the other side, too, except for there's France. Box options from small to large.....Sweet Grass Cheese Gift Box:

And you know how hard it is to find decent looking linens for the kitchen. This one's cutey-cute. Handmade Pot Holder:

Monday, December 20, 2010

FM Gift Guide: Giddy Up Godmother

For the: Giddy Up Godmother

Tally Ho! This gal loves her horses so much that she's driving your son to his riding lessons. And she's a hoot. Think: a spotlight on her Suburban for when she needs to 'shine' something. She's rowdy + hilarious + can drink you under the table. She's also got an impeccable sense of style. Horse people are like that.

You know, deep down, that if you get her this Oughton Limited Handbag, she'll love you forever. Like forevah-evah. 

And she'll think this is the most thoughtful thing anyone's gotten her in the longest time. Well, except for the whisky rocks you got her last year.....Toile Saddle Pad:

Sure, she's got a buh-zillion pairs of boots, but couldn't she always use one more? 'Specially ones that aren't all mucky yet......Sweet Riding Boots:

And she'll hug tight this nifty Horse Pillow when she's watching National Velvet for the millionth.

Friday, December 17, 2010

FM Gift Guide: Crafty Cohort

For the: Crafty Cohort

Absolutely everybody knows one of these. The gal who's always giving the uber-cute home-made gifts at showers + whose kids wear the most delightful hand-smocked clothing. If you're not crafty yourself, you certainly keep this girl around for ideas + help when you've got to produce a gift fast... or when your kiddies need costumes for the school play. Of course, since she's creative, she's also lots of fun to hang around with, + if she has a slightly off-color sense of humor, all the better. 

Did you need some things monogrammed? She'll whip some up for you with this Silhouette Vinyl Cutter:

Need some nifty invites for Junior's party? She'll have them done in a Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah {and they'll be one-of-a-kind} with this super-handy home Letterpress Kit:

I'm sure she can find infinite uses for this Crafting Tool Kit....

And she'll probably adore this DIY + retro-funky Bottle Cap Jewelry:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

FM Gift Guide: Gran in the Garden

For the: Gran in the Garden

Do all Grans garden? Both of mine did. One was a camellia + gardenia sort of gal, and the other was a day-lilies, clematis, veggies, ivy-on-a-rusty-wheel-barrow, all-out kinda gal. Whether she's refined or exuberant, Gardening Grans everywhere could use some of these thoughtful treats. 

I think this is what hooks one to gardening: it is the closest one can come to being present at creation.--Phyllis Theroux

She can feed the hummers with a pretty little Hand Made Hummingbird Feeder...

Snazz up her potting shed with some Monogrammed Garden Tools....

Ensure fresh ingredients for your summer Caprese Salad with the The Great Tomato Book....

Add a dash of color to her already lush landscape with some darling Heirloom Roses....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FM Gift Guide: Dapper Daddy

For the: Dapper Daddy

Almost all of us know one, and some of us have one. A Dapper Daddy. He's the man who's just as comfortable with a scotch in his hand as a fly rod. Equally at home whether it's 5 stars, or stars under the open sky. He seems to know how to do everything, and by gosh if his teeth don't actually twinkle when he smiles. 

These are just for him.....
Of course he has an iPad, probably got you one, here's the perfect Leather iPad Case:

Fun underwear is just his style - keeps him chuckling to himself even while in boring meetings.....Vineyard Vines Underwear:

If for some reason he hasn't got one, or needs another...... a proper Tuxedo:

And you just can't go wrong with one of these babies....Barbour Moleskin Jacket:

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

FM Gift Guide

For the: Nasty Nephew

Oh, you know this kid. Yep. The one shooting you with a water gun... in January. The one putting salt in the sugar bowl. But - he's your brother's/sister's pride + joy! So you've gotta get him something.
Other than coal + a bag of switches, I mean. 

You will come to regret this, but not as badly as the pellet gun you got him last year....
Nerf Blaster

Ew. Gross. Sick. Icky. Perfect.The Burp T-Shirt

Another regret-in-the-making, especially after your sibling brings it to your annual Wassail Party.....
Disco Karaoke System

Easily the best + most necessary item on the list. Get that sticky-icky kid a bath!
Mr Bubble Bubble Bath

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More FM Gift Guide!

For the: Nice Girl Niece

She'll twirl + whirl in this dahhh-ling J Crew Enchant Dress....

And ooh + ahh over an American Girl Bitty Baby.....

And skip + hop in these dressy Ballet Shoes

And snuggle in all warm after a lovely Christmas Day in this Lanz Nightgown.....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The FM Gift Guide

Who among us needs help spending money? Who?? Anyone? Didn't think so. But we're doing it to you anyway..... a Gift Guide. 

Haile + I talked about this being the blog theme for the month and nearly the second I hit Reply she had filled my inbox with stuff. Was she secretly shopping and just waiting for someone to ask?? Prolly :) 

But she does have consummate taste, so here it is. Themed, of course.

For the: Buttoned Up Brother

Loves sports? Snag these Baseball Cuff Links, he'll be the only guy with a pair. 

He can put them on The Best Non-Iron Shirts.

And he must have A Pocket Square from J. Press - or have them custom made here. (photo on right from this blog - a good read)

And top it all off with a delectable Cashmere Coat. Check out how swanky that guy looks!